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Master Geoffrey Rackebrandt: A Legacy of Martial Arts

Master Geoffrey Rackebrandt has dedicated over three decades to martial arts, starting his teaching at just 13. Based in Fort Myers since 2008, he and Mr. Jorge Patt offer an extensive martial arts program across eight disciplines. Master Geoff believes in genuine growth and skill over mere belt ranks, emphasizing that "Everything here is earned, never given"

Explore Our Diverse Programs

After School Program

Enriching after-school sessions with taekwondo, homework assistance, and STEAM activities.

Kids Taekwondo Class

Fun-filled taekwondo fundamentals for elementary-aged students

Aged 5 to 11

Teen/Adult Taekwondo Class

Enhance fitness, mental focus, and learn self-defense, ideal for middle schoolers to adults

Agd 12 +

Family Taekwondo Class

Bonding through martial arts, open to teens, adults, and families

Poomsae (Forms) Class

Elevate your forms practice, learn intricate details to the art of slow moving & concentration. Perfect for students wanting to compete in this art.

Open Gym Class

Open practice sessions for individual or collaborative training. Great to practice things you want to practice with a Master's supervision to assist.

Competitive Olympic Fighting

Learn, practice, and compete in Olympic Sparring. Join our traveling team for local, district, and national competitions.
Master approval required to join this class.

From Novice to Ninja:

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