2-Week Introduction for White Belts in Taekwondo: Dive Deep into the Foundations.

Embark on a journey of discipline, strength, and tradition

Trials Start on Mondays and is for 2 weeks.

Please choose 4:15pm if the student is under 11
and choose 5:15pm if the student is over 12

What foundational skills will I learn during this 2-week introduction?

Over the course of two weeks, you'll be introduced to the core pillars of Taekwondo:

Taekwondo Etiquette: Proper decorum in the dojang, from greetings to respecting peers.

Dobok Mastery: Wearing your uniform correctly and tying the white belt.

Stances & Movements: Foundational stances such as Front, Horse, and Back Stance, and essential footwork techniques.

Hand Techniques: Key techniques including Straight Punch, Low Block, and more. Basic Kicking such as Front Snap Kick, Low Side Kick, and Turning Kick.

Beyond techniques, what other aspects of Taekwondo will be introduced?

Our program offers a holistic view of Taekwondo, immersing you in both the techniques and the rich heritage of this martial art

Poomsae Introduction: Begin with the initial Taeguek, focusing on stance and transitions.

Breakfalls & Safety: Learn to fall safely and understand the basics of injury prevention.

Self-Defense: Practical Taekwondo techniques for real-world defense scenarios.

Sparring Fundamentals: Grasping the etiquette and basic strategies of sparring without full-contact engagements.

Counting in Korean: Embrace the authentic language of Taekwondo by learning basic counting and terminologies in Korean.

Dojang Vocabulary: Familiarize yourself with key dojo words, further immersing you in the sport's linguistic roots.

How will this introduction benefit my overall health and well-being?

Beyond martial techniques, our program emphasizes the mental and physical aspects vital to well-being

Breathing & Meditation: Learn focused breathing and calming meditation practices.

Conditioning & Training: Engage in exercises that boost strength, flexibility, and endurance, preparing you for the martial journey ahead.

Two Weeks of Classes, Uniform, Belt & Registration Normally $150

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