Fort Myers Summer Camp 2015

Join us for our 3rd year of the most prominent summer survival camp in SW Florida. Campers will be given an opportunity to practice various survival skills and techniques. These skills will span across street survival, Wilderness, Water, and First Aid. In the street defense section, campers will learn stranger awareness, self defense techniques, and anti bully strategies. In the aquatic section, campers will learn about swimming strategies, makeshift floatation devices and the damages of hypothermia. The wilderness section will cover map reading and orienteering, the priority list of necessities, the art of fire making and shelter building, poisonous flora and fauna, and environmental ethics. All of our activities and lectures are age appropriate and progressive by skill level. We will also be engaging in many extra activities such as: rock climbing, parkour, archery, and team building exercises.

Time: 7am-7pm
Dates: June 8th-August 13th 2015
  • Pack Lunch
  • Comfortable Clothing *must wear camp shirt on field trip days*
  • Water Bottle or something to drink with a cap through out the day


  • Includes field trips

After School Discount

  • Includes field trips